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Press Mentions

Series contains "press mentions" and media clippings about the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI). Captures the evolution of CSPI's influence and impact through representation in various newspapers, magazines, online publications, and broadcast media outlets. The series provides insights into the reaction of the media to CSPI's efforts in nutrition, food safety, public awareness campaigns, and legal battles. The integrity of CSPI's original filing system has been maintained. There are two boxes of chronological materials that span from 1971 to 1993. One and a half boxes contain materials from 2004. The rest of the series are sorted alphabetically by heading in two ranges. The "old" range spans from 1982 to 1994 and the "new" range spans from 1994 to 2005. Media organizations represented in the series include: The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, NPR (National Public Radio), BBC News, Reuters, Associated Press (AP), NBC News, CBS News, ABC News, Fox News, The Guardian, USA Today, Politico, The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Time Magazine, Huffington Post, Los Angeles Times, and MSNBC.

Photographic Materials

Comprised of a single file containing a diverse array of photographic materials related to Michael Jacobson. The collection offers visual insights into Jacobson's work as an advocate for public health, nutrition, and food safety. From snapshots of public appearances and speaking engagements to candid moments captured behind the scenes, these photographs provide a rich visual narrative of Jacobson's early career (1975-1989).


Contains drafts, notes, revisions, and completed versions of speeches delivered by Michael Jacobson, spanning the years 1971 to 2009. These documents offer insights into Jacobson's advocacy work, focusing on topics related to nutrition, food safety, and public health, as well as understanding his preparation process leading up to speaking engagements.

Series 11: Public Speaking
Series · 1950 - 1998
Part of Don L. Good papers

The Public Speaking series (1950-1998) contains speeches and public talks given at a variety of events from the Americal Royal to the Z-Bar Ranch, taking place across Kansas and various locations around the country.

Series 10: Printed Materials
Series · 1885 - 2006
Part of Don L. Good papers

Printed material (1885-2006) contains university and departmental publications, as well as books and articles that reflect Dr. Good's professional interests. Included with this series are departmental policies and memos, faculty meeting minutes, and expansion plans. The two titles with the largest number of issues are the College of Agriculture Teaching Newsletter and Monday Morning Updates.

Series 8: Judging
Series · 1932 - 2003
Part of Don L. Good papers

The Judging series (1932-2003) focuses primarily on the livestock (1948-2003) and dairy (1969-1987) judging teams. Other topics include the Intercollegiate Meat Judging Contest, the wool team, American Royal, Kansas State Fair, and judging in general.

Series · 1989 - 2001
Part of Don L. Good papers

The International Meat and Livestock Program (IMLP) (1989-2001) consists of papers contributed by various countries, from Africa to Ukraine. Animal health, veterinary practices, beef production, meat processing, feed processing, herd management, genetics, and molecular biology are some of the topics covered.

Series 5: Correspondence
Series · 1954 - 1991
Part of Don L. Good papers

The correspondence series (1954-1991) consists of fourteen items including individual correspondence and letters concerning tenure, academic credentials, the 17th Stockman's Dinner, and departmental print orders.

Series 4: Conferences
Series · 1959 - 2003
Part of Don L. Good papers

The Conference series (1959-2003) records Dr. Good's involvement in various professional activities such as contests, shows, sales, expos, state and county fairs, conventions, and forums. Some of the events included are Beef Cattle Efficiency Forum, 1984; Angus Forum: Century of Angus in the U.S.A., 1973; Hereford Association meeting, 1959; Beef Empire Live & Carcass Show, 1973; International Cattlemen's Expo, 1969, and Nebraska State Fair, 1980 and 1982.

Series 3: Block & Bridle
Series · 1940 - 2006
Part of Don L. Good papers

The Block and Bridle series (1940-2006) documents the student organization's activities and events such as their annual banquet and involvement in Little American Royal. Block and Bridle yearbooks from other universities are also included.

Series 2: Audio Visual
Series · 1924 - 1988
Part of Don L. Good papers

The Audio-Visual series consists primarily of photographs and negatives documenting department activities (1924-1988), as well as photo albums and scrapbooks. Some of the activities highlighted are livestock shows and judging teams, Weber Hall, the U. S. Beef Symposium, and the 1950 International Team. Glass negatives and lantern slides have been relocated to allow for better preservation of fragile materials.

Student Life Administration
Series · 1998-2006
Part of Dean of Student Life - Pat Bosco records

Contains files regarding Dr. Bosco's various administrative responsibilities and work done in various areas. Specifically this contains: scholarship information, greek affairs, student union planning, and ID card discourse (1994-1999).

Series · 1994-2017
Part of Dean of Student Life - Pat Bosco records

Contains one box that is filled with information regarding Big 8/Big 12 Senior Student Affairs Workshops from 1998-2011 and other workshops from 2001 - 2017.

Series · 1986-2003
Part of Dean of Student Life - Pat Bosco records

Contains a significant amount of correspondence from 1986-1994 and 2000-2002. The gaps between these years are somewhat covered by supplemental, typically issue focused, files from 1986-2003. Typically, files will also include attachments associated with, and near to, correspondence, adding context. These attachments include graphs, photos, statistics, reports, and other similar materials.

Series · 1979 - 2001
Part of Global Campus records

The Dean’s office series consists of boxes ranging from 1983 to 1997. It partially consists of files from the office of Elizabeth Unger (1994) and Robert Kruh, who were both previous Deans of the Division of Continuing Education. Some of the files within this series pertain to Army Education through Fort Riley, End of year finance reports from the Division of Continuing Education. It also contains strategic planning reports for campus improvements and student outreach, correspondence to and from the Dean’s Office to different Universities within Kansas pertaining to courses (credit and non-credit) and improvement of the Division of Continuing Education. Files pertaining to departments like the Center for the Advancement of Digital Scholarship (CADS).Lastly, biographical information from people within DCE. The Dean’s Office Series contains 52 boxes.

Series · 1970 - 2001
Part of Global Campus records

Material from the Administrative Series is from between 1982-2007. The Administrative Series partially contains files from David Stewarts office on non-Traditional studies and Western Kansas Community Services Consortium (WKCSC). It also contains documentation from the National University Degree Consortium (NUDC) along with files from the National Academic Advising Association (NACADA) and National University Continuing Education Association (NUCEA). This series also contains biographical files from employees that have worked within the Division of Continuing Education. Files pertaining to non-traditional ways of continuing education along with files from academic outreach programs across Kansas state and surrounding high schools. Reports on Division finances and budgets. Lastly, this series contains files from the Kansas Board of Regents, from reading files to meeting minutes and notes. The Administrative series contains 52 boxes.

Series 3: Conferences
Series · 1959 - 2007
Part of Global Campus records

The date range for the conference series is 1989-2007.Files pertaining to conferences that were held at Kansas State University or KSU was involved in from calendar years 1989-2004. The boxes contain the name of the conference, an attendance report, final budgets for the conference, brochures and promotional materials for said conference, and lastly conference material (i.e., Notes, minutes, reports) The conference series contains 20 boxes.

Series · 1959 - 2007
Part of Global Campus records

This series contains programs from the years 1980 – 2007. Files consist of information related to conferences, training programs, and non-traditional studies that occurred in relationship to K-State and outside universities. Files possess materials related to conference and program agendas, enrollment and attendee lists, budget and financial information, speaker presentations, brochures and pamphlets, correspondence related to conferences and programs, and promotional materials. The CNCP series contains 28 boxes

Series 1: Credit Courses
Series · 1951 - 2003
Part of Global Campus records

Series 1 of Global Campus records, the credit course files range from the years 1975 – 2002 and contain both semester courses, as well as intersession (winter, spring, summer) courses. The series consists of files related to courses taken for credit through DCE and from programs outside of K-State. Credit courses highlighted are from the College of Arts & Sciences, College of Education, College of Business, Telecourses, and the Undergraduate completion program. It is composed of resources and manuals for distance and online courses, enrollment statistics, course information packets, photographs, videotapes, credit course promotional material, course evaluations, course financing, reports and reviews related to credit courses, and correspondence related to credit courses. The credit courses series contains 47 boxes.

Part of Pat O'Brien papers

Research & Correspondence series includes unpublished materials related to various time periods and research interests. Also included are oversized illustrations, maps, and floor plans related to Cahokia, Steed-Kisker, and Mesoamerica used in publications. Research areas include Mississippian Culture, Prehistoric Native Americans of the Great Plains, Pawnee & Wichita tribes, Mesoamerica, Local History (Manhattan and surrounding communities, and other hobby topics that are non-archaeological.
Rolled items have maps of archeological sites.

Series 6: Photographs
Series · 1898-2014
Part of College of Veterinary Medicine records

This series contains photographs of a variety of subjects related to the College of Veterinary Medicine between 1898-2014. These materials fall into the following categories: people, buildings, animals, labs, events, miscellaneous photos, and oversize photos.

The photos of people include faculty, staff, students, and other notable individuals. Specifically, this category contains dean’s portraits, portraits of scholarship donors like Louis and Norma Jane Ball, alumni groups and portraits, class composites, ID and yearbook photos (including portraits and candids for faculty, staff, and students), photos of Willie the Wildcat, and photos of Student Chapter of the American Veterinary Medical Association members.

Photos of buildings include diagrams of buildings, as well as photos of buildings during construction, renovation, and after completion. There are photos of the KSU campus, the Veterinary Medicine Complex and campus, the Instructional Technology Center, the Anti-Hog Cholera Serum Plant, and the Veterinary Hospital, as well as Anderson Hall, Dykstra Hall, Mosier Hall, Trotter Hall, and Coles Hall.

Animal photos largely consist of lab animals, farm animals, and pets.

Lab photos depict workspaces and procedures carried out by the College of Veterinary Medicine, like surgery, meat inspection, and clinical pathobiology labs. The subjects of these labs were all animals.

Veterinary Medicine events in this series include open houses, alumni reunions, conferences (like the June Conference and the Annual Conference for Veterinarians), and Cat Town (currently referred to as Vet Town).

Miscellaneous photos include unlabeled or unidentified images, as well as photos of documents, the Veterinary Unit of the Reserve Officers’ training Corps, and additionally photos related to the International Agriculture Programs, Agency for International Development, and Ahmadu Bello University.

Lastly, there are a handful of oversize photos which mostly range from 1907-1964 that depict students, faculty, anatomy class, the first Annual Veterinary Conference, the Veterinary Hospital, Dykstra Hall, the Anti-Hog Cholera Serum Plant, the Trotter Hall Library renovation diagrams, and a Kansas Legislature poster.

Part of Pat O'Brien papers

Photographs & Slides includes the majority of photographic material within the collection. Some items have corresponding information or research notes within other series pertaining to the research topic.

Part of Pat O'Brien papers

Administrative series includes all materials related to the Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Department of Social Work (SASW) and information about Fulbright in Germany, as well as student research kept by Pat.

Part of Pat O'Brien papers

Biographical series contains various biographical information, including photographs of Pat O'Brien and Donna Roper and copies of Pat's CV and obituary. Contents also include miscellaneous newspaper articles and correspondence that are not associated with a dedicated project or research area, award nominations, and society/commission materials. Other materials include a collection of conference booklets and abstracts from the American Indian Workshop, Flint Hills Conference, and Plains Anthropological Conference (1969-2002).

Concrete Canoe race
Series · 1959-1983
Part of College of Engineering records

The Concrete Canoe race series contains information to an annual race of concrete canoes built by students and faculty from Kansas State University and other various institutions as well. The race is sponsored by the department of Civil Engineering and the American Concrete Institute. The date range for this series is 1959-1983.

College of Engineering
Series · 1910-2013
Part of College of Engineering records

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering series contains three boxes consisting of material from the department. It includes faculty portraits, class profiles, Rathbone Hall construction photos, graduate and faculty meeting minutes, an Electrical Engineering Scrapbook, and various pictures and slides documenting different activities and student organizations including Engineering Open House and the Engineering Advisory Council.

College of Engineering
Series · 1920-1945
Part of College of Engineering records

The Department of Industrial Engineering series contains faculty files from the department of Industrial Engineering in the College of Engineering. Files include name of employee, salary, title, resume and other various related job experience information.

Series · 1937-2000
Part of College of Engineering records

The College of Engineering series contains generalized material from the College of Engineering, there are photographs from the college along with newspapers and magazines pertaining to Engineering. There are papers and reports as well that orginated out of business from the general tasks from the College of Engineering. The date range for this series is 1937-2000

Series · 1886-1977
Part of College of Engineering records

The Biological and Agricultural Engineering series contains photographs that cover Biological and Agricultural Engineering subjects. Along with slides from Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering faculty members Joseph P. Harner and Pat Murphy. They show reduced tillage, corrals, and proper crop storage in bins and problems that could occur with them and lastly documents with historical information about the Biological and Agricultural Engineering program at Kansas State University. The date range for this series is 1866-1977.

Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering